Landscape and Outdoor Living Design Process

Design Process


  • Client and designer meet
  • Client expresses their vision, needs, wants and desires
  • Site assessment
  • Budget

The consultation is the first step in creating your new landscape. A design professional will come to your house to meet with you and assess your current landscape situation. This is a collaborative effort where you will express your vision, needs, wants and desires. We will assess the site and offer different ideas, concepts, and approaches to design while keeping in mind your budget and site appropriate elements for your new landscape.


Landscape Design Process, The Woodlands, Conroe, Cypress Texas.

3D Landscape Design The Woodlands Texas.


  • We will create a conceptual landscape plan for you
  • The client will review the conceptual plan and provide feedback
  • We will go back and forth until the conceptual plan is finalized
  • Client and designer will go on a nursery tour to select plants if necessary.
  • We will create a final outdoor living design.

Once direction and concept are established the design process begins.  This is a two part process.  The first step is to create a conceptual design where we will use our intuition and talent to help turn your landscape into a work of art.  Here we will provide you with a computer generated layout of your landscape including only the basic elements of a garden so you can visualize how the concept is being integrated into your landscape.  We will go back and forth with you making changes to the basic conceptual plan.  Once the conceptual plan is finalized we move on to the second part of the design process.

The final landscape and outdoor living plan will build upon the Conceptual Plan where we will integrate the plant material and all the details of your landscape into the plan. The final Landscape Plan will also specify choices for hardscape material, water features, pots/planters, etc.  Once the Landscape Plan has been finalized and accepted we will move on to installation.


  • We will provide a hard bid for the approved Landscape Plan
  • We will begin the installation of your new landscape

The installation phase involves the actual construction of your new landscape.  We will work closely with you and manage the installation to ensure that the landscape design is implemented as it was envisioned.

Our goal is to make this a stress free, fulfilling experience for you.  We pay close attention to detail and carefully layout each plant and hardscape element to make sure they are placed appropriately and accordingly.  Once installation is complete it is time for you to enjoy your new and improved landscape garden.


  • A maintenance schedule will be provided to you.
  • We recommend consulting with you monthly or quarterly to identify any problems and recommend appropriate actions.